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The rule is (x, y) S (x - 4, y + 1). The translation image of #LMN is #L9M9N9 with L9(1, -2), M9(3, -4), N9(6, -2). Write a rule to describe the translation. A of transformations is a combination of two or more transformations. In a composition, each transformation is performed on the image of the preceding transformation.
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Theorem: Any translation or rotation is equiv alent to a composition of two re ections. Re ections over Intersecting Lines Re ection over the Axes Theorem : If there are two re ections o ver each axis, then the nal image is a rotation of 180°
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The symbol for a composition of transformations is an open circle. The notation is read as a reflection in the x-axis following a translation of (x+3, y+4). Be careful!!! The process is done in reverse!! You may see various notations which represent a composition of transformations: could also be indicated by If T is a linear transformation from V to W and S is a linear transformation from W to Y (V, W, Y are vector spaces) then the product (composition) ST is a linear transformation from V to Y. 3. If T and S are linear transformations from V to W ( V and W are vector spaces) then the sum T+S which takes every vector A in V to the sum T(A)+S(A) in ...
2.3 Transformations of Graphs 79 happens for each kind of transformation we examine. Accordingly, we will show lots of graphs, but for your benefit, we strongly encourage you to use your graphing calculator to draw each graph yourself. The first example asks for graphs of vertical shifts of two core graphs. While Because a rotation is a rigid motion, the Composition Theorem (Theorem 4.1) guarantees that compositions of rotations and other rigid motions, such as translations and re# ections, are rigid motions. Performing a Composition Graph RS — with endpoints R(1, −3) and S(2, −6) and its image after the composition. Re! ection: in the y-axis
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